Yearlings SOLD in 2016

                                                                                                   SOLD AT

Garnet                    (A Perfect Gem - Muscle Hill)                Lexington Sale

OB Kemp                (Ally Hall - Triumphant Caviar)              Ohio Selected

Queen Of Kemp      (Armbro Waikiki - Yankee Glide)           Lexington Sale

Quantum Kemp      (Emilie Cas El - Muscle Hill)                   Lexington Sale

Qulkoo Kemp         (Here Nor There - Broadway Hall)          Lexington Sale

Quality Kemp         (Impressive Kemp - Muscle Hill)            Lexington Sale

Chocolate Ganace (Mariongotchocolate - Muscle Hill)        Lexington Sale

Quartz Kemp         (Rockenonbroadway - RC Royalty)        Harrisburg Sale

Quite A Kemp        (Sarfina Hall - RC Royalty)                      Lexington Sale

Quicksilver Kemp     (Smarty Had A Party - Andover Hall)      Lexington Sale


Name Changes:

Chocolate Ganace - Mister Kearns

Quartz Kemp - Donttellvuola

Qulkoo Kemp - Doll Baby

Quite A Kemp - Wine About It

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