Synt. 2012

Conway Hall 10,5a
Garland Lobell 11,8a

Amour Angus 16,6a
ABC Freigth 13,0a
Gamin Lobell 17,7a

Magna Force
Kenwood Scamper 
Got to be Going
Pine Chip 09,6a

Armbro Niagara 13,1a
Arndon 13,0a
Pine Speed 19,7a

Balanced Image 13,8a
Armbro Flori 12,7a



Looking Back At You 15,9a
$ 32,657
I´ll Be Back Kemp 13,8ak
SEK 206.400
Jazz Kemp 15,3ak
SEK 105.300
Maestro Kemp 14,2ak
SEK 71.150
Falls For You 09,9a
$ 1.311,152
Don´t Look Down 12,8a
SEK 176.400
Ucalthisahoneymoon 13,3a
$ 11,592 
Splashabout 14,7a
Armbro Monarch 11,2a
$ 670,374
Armbro Officer 11,5a
$ 631,144
Ambro Aristocat 11,5a
$ 304,251
Armbro Laser 13,2a
$ 108.090
Armbro Niagara13,1a
$ 67,820
Armbro Versage 14,8a
$ 52,214
Commanding Wiew 12,4a
€ 37.470









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