Yearlings 2016

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Angry Eyes            (Aiken For Clay - Father Patrick) (2/11/2016) FILLY

Fort Meigs             (Ally Hall - Triuphant Caviar) (3/26/2016) COLT

Romeo Kemp        (Sarafina Hall - Royalty For Life) (5/3/2016) COLT

Rhytmic Kemp      (Credit To Elgin - Kadabra) (4/5/2016) FILLY

Radical Kemp       (Armbro Waikiki - Yankee Glide) (5/8/2016) COLT

Rocher Kemp        (Distaff - Trixton) (5/26/2016) FILLY

Dark As A Pocket (Mariongotchocolate- Trixton) (5/16/2016) FILLY

Rendevouz Kemp (Smarty Had A Party - Trixton) (5/9/2016) FILLY

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